Chameleon Consulting specializes in managing risk to improve profits by developing regulatory compliant policies and procedures, upgrading systems, automating processes, and training employees. Clients include banks, insurance companies, small businesses, and professional service firms.


Like a Chameleon signaling a color change while in a new climate or social situation, factors such as government regulations, new technologies, and multi-generational employees can change how companies perform differently.

Change is nothing new, with the accelerated pace and degree of change that businesses are facing today can make it difficult to stay competitive. You may ask, what has changed? For starters, in recent years, federal regulations have impacted banking, insurance, and healthcare industries at an unprecedented speed. Many business leaders are wondering how to comply with rules and requirements, replace legacy systems, and file numerous reports on time. Chameleon Consulting can assist your company in mitigating risks with minimal business disruptions.